Medjugorje's Ten Secrets - How to Prepare

  • $19.95
Medjugorje's Ten Secrets - How to Prepare
  • The Most Comprehensive Book in the World about Medjugorje's Ten Secrets.
  • Explains How to Prepare for the Secrets and Chastisements That Will Soon Come to the World.
  • Jesus King of All Nations said, “What You See Happening Around You [The Covid-19 Pandemic] Is the Beginning of the Chastisements Foretold by Me to Correct the Conscience of Mankind.”
  • Hope for the World and the New Era of Peace
Father Petar, designated recipient of Mirjana’s First Secret, said, Everything is closer and closer. Never in the whole world has the situation been so sad and so bad.…Never in history have there been so many sinners and unbelievers. We are feeling that something has to happen very quickly. It cannot continue like this much longer. God has to do something very quickly!”

“This book is an amazing tool to evangelize our younger generation!

“It pulls you in and you want to keep reading it as you are taught how to equip yourself to help bring the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“Most importantly, it answers so many questions that people now have. Dan has connected us to the apparitions, messages and  secrets of
Medjugorje and shows us that they are about us, and for us, and for this time.

“My 19-year-old daughter picked up the book and read it. She said, ‘This book is very inspirational! Why don’t the Catholic schools or the priests teach us these things?’”

- Catherine Grinn, Former  Catholic School Principal







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